New Leveraged ETFs with 300% Exposure Prepare to Launch

Any investor that thought 200% leveraged ETFs, also known as ultra ETFs, were too wild for their liking need to take a step back. As early as this week the newest wave of volatile ETFs are going to start trading publicly. Say hello to triple leveraged ETFs by Direxion.

5 Great ETFs That Profit From A Weak Dollar


Over the last week Wall Street has been hit with financial news covering everything from Lehman's bankruptcy to American International Group's bailout and the SEC's ban of short selling in 799 financial stocks. While the effects have been wide spread one new bullish trend has re-emerged as the dollar's ego has once again been hit […]

Stock Questions, What is an Inverse ETF?


What is an inverse Exchange Traded Fund or ETF and what role do they play in terms of strategic investing in the stock market?

Water ETFs Investing


Will water one day be more valuable than oil? Some investors believe water is a great long term trade because the resource will simply deplete with time. Lucky for you there are easy ways to invest in water right now through ETFs. I have two water ETFs featured here that should quench your thirst just […]