SKF Revealed as the Most Volatile Financial Crisis ETF


The SKF has been an extremely volatile ETF throughout 2008 and here in early 2009 because of the extreme volatility surrounding the market and more importantly the Financials. So much news is being delivered each day causing investors to bet heavily on the future of the Financials sector. SKF is the Proshares Ultrashort Financials. More […]

Gas and Oil Prices are Diverging

Gas and Oil prices are diverging which helps explain why oil can be near 52 week lows while the price we actually pay at the pump has gone up. Charts included.

Investment Guide to Proper Portfolio Allocation

New and experienced investors alike should have a set strategy for portfolio allocation as far as the number of total holdings. The key to determining how many stocks should be held at once lies in knowing how much money is in the portfolio. This guide will breakdown the best rules for portfolio allocation.

Beginners Guide to Currency ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have become a very popular form of investing over the last decade. Trading like stocks ETFs have allowed investors to take positions in once restricted investments such as indices, sectors, commodities, and even international currencies and trends with lower management fees than mutual funds.

8 Ways to Play US Treasuries With ETFs

With the current market environment US Treasuries have come heavily into favor as the one secure investment for the future. Even with yields at effectively 0.0% there has not yet been a slowdown in demand for these bonds.