Chart of the Day, 2008 Might Make 100 Year History

The market has had a rough 2008, but how does it stack up against other severe bear markets? This chart shows the Dow Jones Industrial and the 15 worst years as a whole since 1900. Surprisingly enough this year may finish worse than even 1929.

7 Chart Analysis of Market Woes, S&P 500 Sets 2 Day Record


Investors have been caught blinded by the market this week after seeing critical support levels all but crumble beneath the markets own weight. The last two days of consecutive distribution have resulted in over 10% market wide losses and a two day record loss for the S&P 500.

Understanding Bear Market Price Swings Through History


Violent price swings can only be found during a bear market. By taking a look back into history it is easy to find examples of grueling sell offs followed by aggressive rallies, but how substantial can they really be?

25 Essential Bear Market Stock Tips For Investors


Last week the stock market free fell more than 18% as investors tried to navigate a bear market that has ripped through not only the US but the whole world. What are investors supposed to do?