6 Hot Stock Picks Up Atleast 10% in September

AMZN 092710

With September wrapping up there are many great stock picks to highlight as the market has performed very well. Here are six that really stand out.

25 Great Stocks to Watch After Today's Huge Rally

AMZN 090110

After ending August on a gloomy note the market has started September with a bang after all major indices were up close to 3%. Tonight I have featured 25 great stocks to consider adding to your portfolio.

Analysis - ARUN, TSLA, CMG, PAY, SLW, LZ

CMG 083010

After Friday's big session it was surprising to see the market sell off today. The next key levels to watch on the S&P 500 are 1040 and 1065.

Stock Picks and Market Analysis - AAPL, ARUN, CRM, NFLX, ISLN, RDWR, GLD, AKAM

SPX 082410

The market has had three distribution days the last four sessions and is showing no strong signs yet of being oversold. While some stocks have broken out of decent bases the market remains in a bearish state.

Stock Picks & Analysis - POT, AGU, BIDU, OIH, GS, ARUN, OVTI, TSLA, CREE, CMG

AGU 072910

Another roller coaster of a day for the market but after three consecutive down days all indices have now cooled off from their overbought readings. This opens the door to bulls looking to see this rally continue.