Caution with Google, $480 Support

Be careful with Google (GOOG) if you are currently holding shares, as the stock is right near its $480 strong support line. If the stock falls under this on heavy volume, then I would take my money and run. If you are holding shares going into today a stop at $479 is not a bad […]

Daily market commentary for Wednesday, Dec 13, 2006


Written By: Teresa Appleton Stock Forum ID: Teresa Tuesday finished the day in the red on higher volume, leaving a distribution day across the broader indexes.  The red finish was well off the lows and still showing the bulls are not rolling over easily.  The Fed didn’t close the door on future rate increases and […]

Google DayTrade

Google (GOOG) Realtime last $481.85 - 12:41 PM EST Sold Now. EDITED: Sadly there wasn't more to be seen here on this. You could buy it again at the 12:45 EST last of $481.05 and hold again. Stock should climb back above $482 which is currently resistance for it. All in fun :p

Just for Fun, Google Daytrade

Google (GOOG) Realtime last $480.55 - 12:24 PM EST Bought Now.

Stocks Hitting New Intraday Lows Everywhere

Market is slipping, NASDAQ under 2,430 and the S&P500 under 1,410, be catious. Out of 30 stocks on my streamer only four are green today as of 12:17 PM EST. Market should gain some short term support, and we will see what kind of rebound will ensue. Be careful and catious, careful and catious, careful […]