Apple Sells Off, Stock Down 2%

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL) are on route for another distribution day, perhaps a heavy distribution day if the volume can succeed 23 million. As of about noon EST the stock is trading right around $87, with a low on the day of $86.31. Ever since the stock fell under $90 support last week the […]

Add RIG to Your Close Watch List


Shares of Transocean (RIG) are up today close to 2% as of 10:29 AM EST. After breaking $80 the stock has seen volume dry out with heightened price volatility. What we are looking for here is a push towards $82 on heavy accumulation type volume. This would resemble strength in the stock and a buy […]

ICE Slips Early

Shares of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) have slipped early thus far today with the stock falling as low as $109.50 just minutes ago. As of 9:46 AM EST the high on the day is $113.80 and jsut over 700,000 shares have been traded. Outlook still remains strong though as the stock had a very nice accumulation […]

NVLS Shows Potential

NVLS 121106 2.JPG

Interesting to note here about Novellus Systems (NVLS) is the close yesterday. The stock has been bouncing around $33 resistance for the last few weeks, and had a heavy accumulation day last week to close at nearly $35. The next day the stock gapped down as it was downgraded to take off some of the […]

Watch IGT Today

Shares of International Game Technology (IGT) have based themselves out perfectly waving a strong bull flag the last few days. Take a look at the chart and you can see the stock has broken through the $45 resistance, closen above it, and has spread up towards $45.60. This heightens are upward volatility and if you […]