NASDAQ Index Nears 2400 Support


The NASDAQ opened today just under 2400, with a low on the day thus far of 2397.68. Volume has been declining which is good for support, but be catious as a fall and close under this line and the 50 Day Moving Average - the blue line - is very bearish.

BOT Chart


Alrighty! Talked to our hosting providers and got the upload situation resolved, so here is a chart of CBOT Holdings (BOT) from the post on BOT earlier this morning. Note the $150 support line, the blue line which is the 50 day moving average, and the close Friday underneath this line. Keep an eye on […]

BOT Nears $150 Support

Alrighty, for some unknown reason my wordpress is not allowing me to upload any images, this is what we call a "bad beat". So, until I can figure out the problem I am going to post straight forward what you need to watch out for, and first up is CBOT Holdings (BOT). The stocks is […]

Daily market commentary for Tuesday, December 26th, 2006


Written By: Teresa Appleton Stock Forum ID: Teresa Friday closed the week red, again on light volume. Closing the week red across the broader markets on light volume gave the market a nice correction. This is the biggest drop the market has seen since the week of July 9th. Profit taking, light volume, lack of […]

NYSE Group Raises Bear Flag


Yesterday's close for NYSE Group (NYX) was significant as it was just under $100 and also a distribution day. And today, NYX is continuing to show downward momentum as it has fallen another 2% trading around $97.50 currently. The market's bearishness has weighed on this stock and many others, but it is important to lay […]