Is The Next Bubble Really in Bonds?

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people saying that the bond market is the next bubble to burst. For the most part I’m a stock and options trader but a chart is a chart and if bonds are truly in a bubble then the long term chart should reflect bubble characteristics.

Oil Rebound Imminent?

I’m not about to call an oil bottom but there certainly are some signs that suggest the bottom is drawing near. I remember thinking oil was going to bottom at 95, then 60, and here we are at 40 and all the peak oil enthusiasts are saying we are going to rebound just as fast […]

Fresh Confirmed Rally For S&P 500


With the positive price action from last week we are going out on a limb and stating loud and proud that the market is in a confirmed rally. This is a good sign for all stocks short term and we have the accumulation days to prove it.

3 Recession Proof Stocks Every Investor Should Know


Consumer lead recessions are extremely tough on the market, and the current crisis is no exception. In 2008 alone the S&P 500 has lost 38%, so where can investors turn? As consumers spend less one type of retail still thrives, dollar stores.

Crude Rally Opens Door For Oil Stocks Upside


OPEC and the market have a lot to do with the current consolidation breakout for Oil. On pace for a second key accumulation day close this is a short term buying opportunity for oil related stocks (drillers, explorations, etc.).