Top 30 Stocks 2013 Ranked by % Return with Charts

NFLX 122613

2013 has been a big year for stocks as the S&P 500 has moved up over 28% YTD and only three trading days remain.

To find the top performers for 2013, I ran a stock screen at FINVIZ. ETFs were excluded and volume had to average atleast 300,000 shares per day.

50 Must Watch Stocks (With Chart Analysis)

LNKD 062412

Back from traveling Europe for close to two weeks and feeling re-energized. To kick start this week I wanted to share an updated list of 50 stocks that are currently on my close watch list alongside technical analysis.

While these stocks have good looking charts and fundamentals we cannot forget that the market is still in a stimulus rumor, european headline driven state and is completely unpredictable. Proceed with caution.

Top 20 Best Performing Stocks of 2011


While 2011 was a roller coaster as far as the overall market is concerned, there were a handful of bright spots. After doing a stock screen at FINVIZ for the top performing stocks year to date (YTD) with volume of atleast 100,000 shares per day, there were a total of 31 stocks that broke the 100% return mark.

Top 10 Hottest ETFs – September 2011

NUGT 090211

Looking to add some hot Exchange Traded Funds - ETFs - to your investment portfolio?

View this list of the top performing ETFs from the last month:
#1 - Direxion: Gold Bull 2x (NUGT), +27.57%
#2 - FactorShares: Gold Bull S&P Bear (FSG), +18.10%
#3 - Direxion: Latin Bull 2x (LBJ), +10.68% 2011 Forex Broker Review Released


After several hundred hours of research, testing, etc. I am excited to announce that the 2011 Forex Broker Review is now live.