StockTradingToGo v1.0 Launches TODAY

Ever since the most recent STTG quarterly reader survey I have been driven with extreme passion and enthusiasm to build something special. The goal is simple: to make it as easy as possible to log, store, and learn from your past trades.

It has been roughly two months of development with one month of private testing from about 50 STTG'ers (you guys and gals rock!) to get to our first stable public release. Today we launch with Version 1.0.


There are three primary tools:

1. Trade Log - Import or enter all your individual trades (stocks or options) and analyze them on an individual basis. Trade Log stores trade notes, tags, chart screenshots, profit targets, and even auto generates charts with your buy and sell points plotted for instant trade analysis.

trade log 1

trade log 2r

Overall, the goal here is to start with a foundation that replaces excel with the cloud and your favorite browser. Keeping screenshots, notes, tags, etc organized is no easy task. Now you can easily view your winners, losers, and look back on any trade regardless if it was yesterday or 10 years ago.

2. Results Analyzer - Analyze all your trades, or a specific group of trades, over any time frame with full performance analysis including 30+ variables (and counting).

Results analyzer 1

Results analyzer 2

Results analyzer is your personal stat sheet. This is where your trade data is automatically crunched to determine your P&L, YTD performance against the market, commissions information, and everything in between.

3. Trade Journal - Your private home to blog your personal thoughts and observations about the market, individual stocks, and your performance overall.

trade journal 1

A lot of my strateg tweaks and "a ha" moments have come after reflecting back on what went right and what went wrong. I have hundreds of charts marked up with notes that before had to be manually navigated. Now they are all in the cloud and ready for viewing.

Community Driven

Here at Reink Media Group we have done quite a few projects over the years, from to and more. What has made developing STTG so exciting is the participation and enthusiasm from you STTG'ers.

STTG is truly a community driven project. Already countless enhancements, bug fixes, and more have come directly from you.

To think that we've only had roughly 50 STTG'ers privately testing the software up until now and the impact has been this substantial, I am truly excited to have every one of you onboard.

Plans and Sign Up

There are two plans: Free and Premium.

Both plans support unlimited trades, stocks, options, trades notes, performance analysis, and even stop loss tracking.

Free is designed to offer everything you need to log, store, and analyze your trades; effectively replacing Microsoft Excel as a means of logging trades.

Premium runs $9.95 per month and includes some extra features including: advanced performance analysis, auto buy/sell charts, commissions tracking, mistake tracking, Van Tharp "R" multiples, and advanced time logging for day traders.

Premium 3

Closing Thoughts

I am very excited to see what the future has in store for the STTG Community. When I started this site back in 2007 it was simply a place to blog my thoughts as I learned the game of investing.

Today, STTG has grown to over 17,000 subscribers reading our daily market recaps. There are thousands of posts covering all aspects of stock education alongside the market.

All in all, STTG'ers rock, and I can't wait to see what we can build as a Community moving forward.

(Market recaps will resume tomorrow, Thursday the 5th, thanks!)


  1. Posted by d on December 4, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    Hi, it seems to work very well and smooth. I particularly like the import trades function as I'm pretty lazy...

    If I can make one suggestion though: for traders who like to scale in and out of longer term trades or traders who have a core position and trade around it, there should be an option to include first-in-first-out or maximize loss etc. The way it works now, if you buy 100 shares and sell 99 shares, the trade will still show as open. It would work better if it will show those 99 shares as a closed trade and 1 share open.

  2. Posted by Blain on December 5, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Emailing you now D, these are the kind of discussions we love to have and have been enjoying over the past month. Talk soon!