2012 Stock Broker Review Live

After several hundred hours of research and testing over the last three months I am thrilled to announce that the 2012 Online Broker Review is now live.

As many of you know I am a partner at an internet media company. We specialize in developing and managing investing specific websites. What has made fun has just been watching it grow since we acquired the empty domain in January 2011. Last year alone we referred over 8,000 verified funded and unfunded brokerage accounts. It feels good helping investors find the best broker to help them succeed in the market.

For this year’s review we stepped our research efforts, spending even more time testing the platforms and making more phone calls to support. We drilled down each category further to really hone in and find the best brokers that stood out. Bottom line, the end result was our best and most detailed review yet.

So who took the overall crown this year out of 24 different brokers? You’ll have to head over to the review and find out. :)

Thank you in advance for reading. I appreciate the support!

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  1. John says


    I read TraderMike for a few years. Even on days when the market was calm he posted, often saying he felt he was repeating himself. After the trading day is over, for us tick-by-tick and tape watchers, time to prepare is precious. If you’re not going to make a decent daily post, I’m going to skip even looking. I’m willing to overlook your desire not to make a Friday post if the Mon-Thurs was worth reading.

    I am grateful for all the fee stuff you have posted, but if you’re looking for feedback, consider this in your plans. I had made a point of trying to click applicable ads on blogs I read for free, but I have to feel I’m getting something in return. In 2012, I haven’t felt that this blog is worth the effort lately.

  2. says

    Hi John,

    Thank you for this feedback. The major risk of posting just to post is burn out. As you experienced with Mike, his posting eventually went from daily to weekly, then from once a month to never, until I eventually acquired the site.

    I keep this blog completely free because I have other business commitments and cannot post day in and day out. Trading is strictly a hobby that I am very passionate about so I do it when I have spare time. Also note clicking site ads does not generate revenue on a per click basis here. While I really appreciate your support, the best gesture anyone can offer is simply forwarding a post on when they like it or referring a friend.

    My goal is always to post whenever possible while maintaining a healthy balance. While I am sad to hear that the inconsistency could eventually be a cause to stop visiting, I completely respect your opinion. I understand I will not make everyone happy, but I hope to stand the test of time and blog for many more years to come.

    Kind Regards,