January 24th, 2012 Market Recap with Apple Earnings Results

Earnings season is in full force as we all know and today had Apple (AAPL) reporting after the bell. All I can say is wow...

Apple Earnings summary:

  • Q1 revenue of $46.33 Billion vs analyst expectations of $38.9 bln
  • EPS was $13.87, vs. expectations of $10.10 per share
  • 37.04 million iPhones sold, 128% growth yoy (year over year)
  • 15.43 million iPads sold, 111% growth yoy
  • 15.4 million iPods sold, -21% decrease yoy
  • 5.2 million Macs sold, 26% growth yoy

Shares resumed trading at 4:50 PM and as of 4:53 PM they are up over 8% trading around $455 per share. This gives Apple an effective market cap of over $420 Billion, passing Exxon Mobil (XOM) as the largest company in the world. Here's a 1 min chart of after-hours trading showing the gap to $450+ via my thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade screen,

So ya... in other news... here's an updated look at the S&P 500. Stay frosty out there!


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