Top 10 Hottest ETFs – April 2011

Looking to add some hot Exchange Traded Funds - ETFs - to your investment portfolio? View this list of the top performing ETFs from the last month.

Stop Losses Do Work, Here's a Great Example Why

EBIX 032911

After an article was published about Ebix (EBIX) on Seeking Alpha, the stock tanked over 20% in less than an hour. View the intraday chart and see how a single stop loss order saved my portfolio from ruin.

How to Spot Bull Flags that Return Huge Profits

OVTI 032411

Spotting bull flags is a skill that takes time to develop. By knowing what to look for though and using live chart pattern case studies, finding and ultimately buying into these bull flag breakouts for big profits can be accomplished.

How to Find Future Big Winner Stocks in a Losing Market

CMG 031611

By tracking the right stocks while the market is in a tailspin, future leaders can be found that will return significant profits when the market turns the corner. The trick is in knowing how to find them.

When Trading a Hot Trend, Always Monitor the Leaders

FNSR 030911

The massive implosion of Finisar Corporation (FNSR) today is a fantastic example of why watching the leaders in any hot industry group is so vital to success.