Top 10 Industry Groups to Watch, December 2010

Heading into December it is important for investors to know which Industry Groups are hot and which are not. Industry Groups are a integral part of the CANSLIM strategy of trading which is founded by Will O’Neil.

Will O’Neil and his company not only run the paper Investors Business Daily but he also has written numerous best selling investment books such as How to Make Money in Stocks. I’ve highlighted many of his best stock tips previously here on the site.

I am personally a big believer in the CANSLIM style of trading which has lead me to some amazing stocks like Chipotle (CMG) over this past year. Here are the Top 10 Industry groups heading into December (If a Group name is linked then that means I have featured it previously):

  1. Leisure-Travel Booking
  2. Telecom-Infrastructure
  3. Mining-Metal Ores
  4. Auto Manufacturers
  5. Machinery-Farm
  6. Auto/Truck-Replacement Parts
  7. Auto/Truck-Original Equipment
  8. Internet-Network Solutions
  9. Chemicals-Agricultural
  10. Computer Software-Enterprise

The worst performing Industry Groups heading into this month are:

  1. Building Residential/Commercial
  2. Consumer Services-Education
  3. Finance-Mortgage&Related Services
  4. Banks-Super Regional
  5. Media-Newspapers

To see many stocks within these Industry Groups featured check out the stock picks category of the site.

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