5 Great Stocks Invested in 3D Technology

Looking to making some investments in the growing market of three-dimensional technology (3D)? If so then there are a handful of 3D stocks that might make a good fit into your portfolio.

Some companies I have researched are completely focused on 3D via televisions, movies, games, etc. while others focus on imaging, printing, and prototypes. Regardless, all five of these stocks are tied into the trend and some are hovering very close to all-time price highs.

June, 2013 UPDATE: See also ExOne Company (XONE)

3D Stocks

1. Real D (RLD) – $26.97 with $1.3 Billion cap – Real D focuses solely on 3D technologies for 3D viewing in not only theaters but also at home. The stock IPO’d back in July just above $20 and just recently broke to fresh all-time highs.

RLD stock chart

2. Imax Corp (IMAX) – $22.60 with $1.4 Billion cap -The massive movie screens you watch newly released films on and pay a hefty price for are almost all owned and run by Imax. The company was a very early adopter of 3D technology and will most definitely continue to focus capital on developing its technology for its theaters. Imax stock is up over 60% for 2010 and is creeping closer to its all time highs near $30.

3. Stratasys Inc (SSYS) – $33.06 with $683 Million cap – Instead of focusing on 3D technologies for movies and the like, Stratasys “engages in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of three dimensional (3D) printing, rapid prototyping (RP), and direct digital manufacturing (DDM) systems” (yahoo finance). The stock is currently trading just below its all-time price high of $34.64.

SSYS stock chart

4. Three D Systems Corp (DDD) – $26.30 with $608 Million cap – Similar to Stratasys, Three D Systems manufactures printing, prototyping, and manufacturing systems to produce 3-D objects from computer data. The stock recently broke to multi-decade highs above $26.

5. Nvidia (NVDA) – $13.10 with $7.5 Billion cap – Specializes in graphics processing for computers, game consoles, and mobile devices. Nvidia has invested in 3D technology most notably in computer gaming with its own 3D glasses and specialized video cards. While promising, it could be a very long term (think years) before 3D could become a notable portion of Nvidia’s vast revenue stream.

NVDA stock chart

It’ll be interesting to see where these stocks end up 6 months to a year or more from now as 3D technology continues to improve and become more mainstream.

Disclaimer – As of the time this article was written I do have a position in SSYS.

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