10 Best iPhone Apps For Finance and Investing

Looking for the best iPhone Applications (Apps) for finance and investing?

Here on StockTradingToGo we’ve ranked the top 10 best finance and investing iPhone apps based on usability, functionality,  overall “coolness”, and most importantly they have to be FREE. All of the apps featured below can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

March, 2013 UPDATE: This Top 10 List was refreshed to reflect the latest and greatest finance iPhone apps.

1. CNBC Real-time – Free app that allows you to view real-time quotes before, during and after market hours. Other features include watching CNBC video clips, viewing charts, and managing a watch list.

2. Yahoo! Finance – Yahoo’s free stock app offers the best of Yahoo Finance on your iPhone. I leave Yahoo Finance open on my computer throughout the day and the App is just as good. Manage a watchlist, view videos, research stocks, and more.

3. E*TRADE Mobile – Free app that connects you to your E*TRADE account for trading anytime, anywhere. E*TRADE has the best mobile app out of any of the brokers which is why it is featured (full Etrade Review on StockBrokers.com).

4. Mint – Free app that allows you to view your mint.com account right on your iPhone. Manage your bank accounts, credit cards, set budgets, goals, and more. Mint was bought out by Intuit in 2009.

5. Chase Mobile – Your bank’s mobile app is always a must have free app. Highlighting the Chase app, you can find Chase branches, ATMs, or sign in to view your credit card bills and/or bank statements, make payments, transfer money, etc. For maximum convenience, Chase and Bank of America, amongst a few other banks, allow you to take a picture of your checks and deposit them via your iPhone.

6. Credit Karma – Free app which allows you to see your credit score for free without any catches or fine print (I’ve personally used the site for over two years now) and monitor credit updates as they are reported by the bureaus.

7. Bloomberg – Free app and the best app for international market news. Customizable homepage feature allows you to read any headlines for any market or Bloomberg category of your choice.

8. Paypal Mobile – Free app that allows you to manage your Paypal account via your iPhone. Transfer money to and from your bank, send money securely to other paypal members, view your history, and more.

9. Zillow Loan Calculator – Free app that allows you to quickly calculate a mortgage, total interest, etc. This the best mortgage calculator app for free and it comes from Zillow which is an awesome site to search for new homes.

10. EZ Financial Calculators – Great for quickly calculating tips when eating out. The app also has a variety of other calculators including a loan calculator, currency converter, retirement calculator, and a auto loan calculator, among others.

I have personally been using the iPhone for years now and these free top stock iPhone apps definitely stand out among their peers. With thousands of apps to choose from I focused on the best apps within specific groups for example mobile banking and online stock trading.

Do you have a favorite app for stocks that was not included above? Share your thoughts via comment below and let us know your pick.

This guide was written by Blain Reinkensmeyer and was last updated on 2014-05-13.

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  1. SamTrader says

    This list misses what is probably the best Finance app of all: PortfolioLive. I mean, when is the last time you could stand in the line at the Grocery store and be watching your portfolio ticking in real time in the palm of your hand? PortfolioLive handles unlimited Portfolios, multiple lots per position, mutual funds, and the list goes on and on …

  2. says

    SamTrader, RE PortfolioLive as the best App ever and our list sucks:

    1. It costs $5.99, who the heck would pay $6 for an app they can get for free?
    2. It is exact same thing as Yahoo Finance Quotes just real time.
    3. If you want realtime quotes simply download TD Ameritrade’s iStockManager or any broker app and you can have realtime quotes for free.

  3. SamTrader says

    Blain, Respectfully I disagree.

    PortfolioLive is well worth the $6 (which is less than one trade commission for most people). PortfolioLive also has a number of features that make it far more powerful than iStockManager … and certainly better than say, Yahoo Stocks. PL tracks multiple lots, is not tied to a TD Ameritrade account, shows far more data per screen, has a better, much higher performance real time quote engine than Yahoo Stocks or iStockManager.

    All the 5 star reviews … and the fact its a top 10 **PAID** app might lead you to take a second look??

  4. PortfolioLive Sucks says

    PortfolioLive is nothing more than a streamer. There’s nothing special about it. Its basically useless to use to track a portfolio because there is no way to record a closed out position. People do occasionally take profits and hold cash positions! And btw… real time quotes arent too beneficial unless you have the ability to fire a trade, so whats the difference if the quote you get at the grocery store is delayed?

    Bottom line- Use the free yahoo app if youre curious and want a quote. Use a trading app if youre actually in the market and considering a trade. Get the free app Daily Finance if you want to track a portfolio.

  5. says

    A recently introduced finance App Dough is quite interesting.

    Dough combines money management with Budget and Bill paying in an elegant easy to use interface.


  6. says

    Hey,mate.Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.thanks for sharing this.

  7. Jaap says

    I bought Portfolio live as Yahoo!Finance app not available outside the US. Unfortunately this app is not really multi currency. It is possible to setup differn portfolios each with a single CCY and you will get a consolidated total in another ccy if needed.

    However what I am looking for is multi CCY within each portfolio. Does anyone know an app that ca do this?
    Many thanks!

  8. Brett says

    Hi, I’m looking for an international app that will allow me to trade in paper shares in the ASX market. I’ve tried out iTrade but it only allows trading on the US market.

  9. says

    This list is completely useless and shows these guys made zero effort … it misses what is probably the best Finance app of all: PortfolioLive. I mean, when is the last time you could stand in the line at the Grocery store and be watching your portfolio ticking in real time in the palm of your hand? PortfolioLive handles unlimited Portfolios, multiple lots per position, mutual funds, and the list goes on and on …

  10. Brett says

    Dealer Financing, SamTrader; now it’s obvious you’re just marketing as you’ve posted the exact same post.

  11. Andy says

    whoaaa whoaaa there… this list sucks donkey balls
    istockmanager is great, was the best for a while, but been topped. In my humble opinion, the BEST app is iSwim from thinkorswim. Mostly for pros, but for rookies its cool, but has a 20 minute delay just like your cheesy yahoo “Stocks” app
    Bloomberg is good for world markets… Tip Calculator? really? if you need this youre an extreme douchebag


    so my additions to this worthless list, iswim, black gold, ifutures, portfolio live. coupled with iStockManager and Bloomberg as already mentioned, you have all you need as a trader/speculator

  12. andy says

    sorry for being so rude! i hope no offense is taken! i apologize. completely unnecessary

    PS iSwim doesn’t have a delay after you open an account, definitely my vote for number one on the list

  13. alex says

    my favorite finance app is called Budget-Planner, it has a calendar that shows your budget on any day of the month. you got to check it out. mybudget-planner dot com

  14. Aely says

    Totally love Budget iQ. Just came out a week ago or so. Super easy to use and for some reason makes me want to use (something I can’t say about a few other budget apps I have tried recently). Doesn’t give you lists and reports but I don’t care about that stuff. Just want it to be easy and let me know exactly where I am without having to analyze the data in the app.

  15. says

    The best iPhone app that I’ve seen for mortgage financing and home buying is TrueCost Mortgage: http://bit.ly/ahSoHY.

    TrueCost reduces the complexity of home buying to a single number – the average monthly cost of owning a home after tax savings and the eventual profit from selling are calculated in. No other app makes it this simple!

  16. says

    Hi all,

    Back in January I wrote a financial tool. I wrote it mainly for myself, because I couldn’t find a good enough budgeting app to suit my needs. my app is called Budget, Bill and Balance Forecasting. You input your bills and income, update the balance, and it generates a forecast of what your balance will look like as you pay those bills and as income comes in (either list style sorted by date, or calendar style). It has many other features, such as automatically updating balance, creating exceptions for irregular amounts and due dates, and more. I just submitted version 3.0, which features Push Reminders. http://www.balanceforecastingapp.me

    Sorry that I’m selfishly advertising on this blog. But if people visit my site from here, I promise I’ll send @Blain a check! :)


  17. says

    @Alex At least I’m shamelessly advertising my app and telling people that it’s mine. You’ve shamelessly advertised your app twice here pretending to be a user… :)

  18. says

    The best app for FX traders using MT4 is Panda iPhone Trader. Ask your fx broker for it! You will be able to log with your same Metatrader log in details into a fantastic iPhone platform and trader on the fly!

  19. Houston says

    Absurd to omit Interactive Brokers (NASDAQ:IBKR) iTWS Trader Workstation off this list. It should be #1 hands down.

  20. says

    I apologize to new readers of the site, there were about 100 comments shared below which were lost when I switched to a new commenting system (DISQUS)! Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

  21. Carl says

    Another great finance app is “Margin of Safety Stocks”. It helps you research stocks by calculating the margin of safety – the price when you know a stock is on sale. It also calculates various growth rates over the past decade so you can tell if a stock is predictable. It gives you key facts and figures that makes researching stocks much, much easier. Definitely worth looking into.