8 Gold Stocks to Watch – GLD, GDX, IAG, GOLD, ABX, GG, TRE, EGO

Gold is the one group right now that is standing out and is the only group I am currently invested in. There is simply way too much risk to try and guess the bottom of the latest market drama. Unless day trading or betting against the market with short ETFs, cash is absolutely the best place to be alongside dipping some capital into Gold.

It is important to note that GDX is the primary ETF to watch when considering individual gold stocks. GLD is the ETF that tracks Gold in general while GDX is the ETF that tracks the Gold Miners Index. They mostly trade in sync, but as you will see below GLD has broken out of its most recent base while GDX has yet to do so.

To make the research process easier for you I sorted through all the gold miners and pulled the stocks with the best current setups. While this group is very attractive I should stress there is absolutely nothing wrong with sitting in 100% cash at this time.

View all GLD stock charts.

GLD 050910

View all GDX stock charts.

GDX 050910

View all IAG stock charts.

IAG 050910

View all GOLD stock charts.

GOLD 050910

View all ABX stock charts.

ABX 050910

View all GG stock charts.

GG 050910

View all TRE stock charts.

TRE 050910

View all EGO stock charts.

EGO 050910

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I will see you this week with more analysis, 😎

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