Top 10 Hottest ETFs For January 2010

Looking to add some hot Exchange Traded Funds - ETFs - to your investment portfolio?

If so you need to read the list below which consists of the 10 best ETFs based on overall return from the last month. Note: ETFs must trade atleast 50,000 shares per day to be included.

Top 10 ETFs For January 2009

  1. Barclays Ipath Natural Gas ETN, Symbol GAZ, up 22.67%
  2. Direxion: Small Cap Bull 3x, Symbol TNA, up 19.69%
  3. Direxion: Real Estate Bull 3x, Symbol DRN, up 14.90%
  4. ProShares Ultra Smallcap 600, Symbol SAA, up 14.88%
  5. Direxion: Tech Bull 3x, Symbol TYH, up 14.83%
  6. Direxion: 30 Year Treasuries Bear 3x, Symbol TMV, up 13.41%
  7. Direxion: Midcap Bull 3x, Symbol MWJ, up 13.16%
  8. Proshares: Ultra Semiconductors, Symbol USD, up 12.99%
  9. Proshares: Ultra Russell 2000, Symbol UWM, up 12.81%
  10. Proshares: Ultra Midcap 400, Symbol MVV, up 10.11%

Pretty noticeable to see that the majority of ETFs are ultra and triple leveraged. Due to new regulation the margin required to buy these types of funds has been increased but they still remain extremely popular.

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  1. Posted by IntelligentSpeculator on January 9, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    Interesting Blain. What changes are these exactly? Margins required simply increased? Had not heard about this.


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