Top 10 Hottest ETFs For December 2009

Looking to add some hot Exchange Traded Funds – ETFs – to your investment portfolio?

If so you need to read the list below which consists of the 10 best ETFs based on overall return from the last month. Note: ETFs must trade atleast 50,000 shares per day to be included.

Top 10 ETFs For December 2009

  1. Market Vectors: Gold Miners, Symbol GDX, up 15.71%
  2. ProShares: Ultra Basic Materials, Symbol UYM, up 12.33%
  3. IShares: Comex Gold Trust, Symbol IAU, up 12.17%
  4. Spider Gold Trust, Symbol GLD, up 12.08%
  5. Powershares DB Precious Metals, Symbol DBP, up 11.55%
  6. Ishares Silver Trust, Symbol SLV, up 10.06%
  7. E T F S Silver Trust, Symbol SIVR, up 10.06%
  8. Powershares DB Silver, Symbol DBS, up 9.82%
  9. Market Vectors Steel, Symbol SLX, up 9.60%
  10. Proshares: Ultra Industrials, Symbol UXI, up 9.50%

Pretty noticeable to see that the majority of ETFs are Gold and Silver related. These precious commodities have jumped in value which means individual stocks within the group are also on the run. We highlighted 7 great gold stocks recently so check them out.

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