Carnival of Personal Finance 195th Edition

Welcome to the Latest Edition (195th) of the Carnival of Personal Finance. We had 91 submissions which is a huge turnout, so take your time going through the Carnival because there are lot's of links.

Our idea for a theme this week is to simply include our site, StockTradingToGo, in with the linkfest. Here are six of our favorite posts:

  1. 10 Best iPhone Applications For Finance and Investing
  2. 5 Top Online Stock Brokers
  3. 10 Great Ways to Learn Stock Trading
  4. Stock Charts, Understanding the Basics
  5. 20 Must Read Investment Books
  6. 40 Great Inverse ETFs For Bearish Investors

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Monogamoney presents Five Lessons From the Stock Market Collapse

The Personal Finance Playbook presents Buffett's Shareholder Letter

Bad Money Advice presents Why You Should Convert Your Traditional IRA to a Roth

Pimp Your Finances presents A Generation of Risk Aversion?

Dividends Value presents TARP Trips: You Can’t Stop At Just One

Investo Blog presents Understanding Futures Trading by a simple example

Fools and Sages presents Financial Advisor Red Flags

Our Financial Planner presents Safe Investments: Recession Proof Your Portfolio

Darwin's Finance presents Using Google Search Trends to Exploit Market Moves

M is for Money presents My Money Mistake #3 - Cashed out a 401(k)

The Dividend Guy presents Rounded Out My Portfolio with Some New ETFs

Twowiseacres presents Obama’s “Making Homes Affordable” Program and Evil Real Estate Investors presents Think we are near a short term bottom presents How Gold Can Preserve Your Wealth as Gold Tops $1000 Per Ounce

The Economy

Main Street Meltdown presents The Case for Buying American

Smart Money Daily presents Lesson's Learned from this Recession

Steadfast Finances presents 20 Reasons Why I Love the Recession

My Family's Money presents 5 Reasons I Suck For The Economy

Saving to Invest presents Your Work, Home, Education and Auto Tax Breaks in the 2009 Economic Stimulus Package

Financial Highway presents What is Recession- Recession A Good Thing

The Digerati Life presents My Stimulus Tax Credit: Should I Spend or Save My Tax Break?

The Smarter Wallet presents Our Mortgage Bailout and Rescue: Obama's Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

The Personal Financier presents The Japanese Banking Crisis of the 1990's: Are We Facing a Similar Stagnation?

Mass Affluent presents Wicked plunge in Americans' net worths

Red Stapler Chronicles presents Does the Economy just need a good psychologist

Dough Roller presents 2009 Economic Stimulus Package FAQs

Dealsupermarket Blog presents Let's Talk About the Weather... Economic Bad News Skews Individual Risk Assessments...

Personal Finance

Moneymonk presents Appearances of Wealth

Fine Tuned Finances presents How to Get Inexpensive Health Insurance If You are Self Employed

My Findependence Day presents Making a Budget that Works

Always the Planner presents It's All About the Balance

Moolanomy presents Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball

Free Money Finance presents Frugal Millionaires on Taxes and Accountants

Personal Finance Blog by MoneyNing presents 19 Ways Laziness is Costing You Money

Art of the Coupon presents 4 Times Being Frugal Doesn't Pay

Yielding Wealth presents 30% Housing Costs: Net or Gross?

Gather Little by Little presents Budget Categories - Less is more

Debt Free Destiny presents Steps to Repair Your Credit Yourself

Discover Debt Freedom presents How do I Know if I Have a Low Credit Score?

Studenomics presents Stop Lying To Yourself

LivingAlmostLarge presents Do I get paid too much?

Second Child, Last Born presents A - Z of Personal Finance: 3rd Edition

Green Panda Treehouse presents Why We Use Bill Pay Not Automatic Debit

Personal Finance Analyst presents Eat, Drink and Spend Less - How to Save on Groceries

Think Your Way To Wealth presents Tips on Practicing Smart Personal Finance


The Personal Finance Playbook presents Why You Need a Business Entity

Millionaire Acts presents Money and Time Management

My Life ROI presents You Work Hard For Your Money But…

InsureBlog presents Another twist in the new COBRA rules

True Adventures in Money Hacking presents Economical Tax Filing Options

Good Financial Cents presents Selling Your Home Tax Free presents Deducting Mileage for Charitable Volunteering

Poorer Than You presents College Money Tip #12: Free Stuff

Upgrade Your Life! presents How Much Of An Emergency Fund Should You Have?

Stumble Forward presents Get Out Of Debt Advice That Will Keep Things Simple

Greener Pastures: Responsible Personal Finance presents "Have You Ditched the Landline?" and Other Pressing Money Saving Questions

Savvy Frugality presents Your Bank Screwed You, Now What? presents Is Your Pension Safe?

Bargain Briana presents The future of coupons: Valassis Yanks Red Plum Inserts in Several Large Markets

Money Other

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents Using points or miles vs. paying cash

Million Dollar Journey presents The Cost of Dog Ownership

Sound Money Matters presents Plan a Week of Dinners from Food in the Freezer

The Happy Rock presents $500 In Credit Card Cashback In One Year presents Credit Card Advice for Young People presents Fee Increases Raise Consumer Anger

Harvesting Dollars presents Choices For Storing Gold, Depending on Your Fears

Free From Broke presents Frugal Ideas To Help Sell Your Home

Amateur Asset Allocator presents Don't Forget To Compare Auto Insurance Prices! presents Coupons - Cool Again!

Money Smart Life presents Job Interview Tips - Questions & Answers for Success in Your Job Interview

My Wealth Builder presents Dealing with Retirement Planning Uncertainty

Tough Money Love presents How Taxpayers are Making Your Home Affordable

Go To Retirement presents Paying the Debts of Family Members


Personal Finance Software Reviews presents Moneydance Review

Bank Savings Review presents ING Direct Orange Savings Account Review

Suburban Dollar presents OnBank Account Review

Personal Finance Ology presents Online Banks Vs Traditional Banks

Uncommon Cents presents TrueEarnings from American Express and Costco: Worth it

Credit Card Offers IQ presents Chase PerfectCard MasterCard Info

My Dollar Plan presents Free Credit Score from Credit Karma

Energy Saving Gadgets presents Watts Up Pro, Kill a Watt Monitor


Happiness Is Better presents Interview: Professional Blogger

Your Money Relationship presents How to Get Out of an Apartment Lease

FIRE Finance presents How to Remove Burnt Smell from a Microwave?

Budgets are Sexy presents Would You Rather...Be UGLY and rich, or HOT w/ less?

Funny about Money presents Snail Mail vs. Electronic Payment

Financial Help presents US printing 4 new pennies - but why?

American Consumer News presents Protecting the Elderly From Health and Medicare Fraud

Modern Gal presents Avoid Work At Home Isolation

The Sun's Financial Diary presents Lending Club Adds Yield to Maturity Data to Notes

The Strump - Financial Blog presents Should You Prepay Funeral Costs?

Growing Money presents NYC Subway Prices Going Up

Ask Mr. Credit Card's Blog presents Is Your Spouse Liable For Your Debt When You Die?

Thanks for reading the latest edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance!


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