Speed Profile, American International Group (AIG)


Company Name: American International Group, Inc. Logo: Speed Profile: American International Group (AIG) is a world leader in insurance and financial services. The company offers group and individual life insurance, annuities, and general property and casualty insurance to customers across the globe.

TradeKing Review, #1 Best Discount Stock Broker


TradeKing is known for being the best online stock broker that offers $4.95 flat fee trades to its clients and fantastic customer service. This TradeKing review will help investors discover why TradeKing is a top discount stock broker.

Weekly Market Commentary - August 26th, 2008

Prior to starting Epic Advisors, I had worked in Goldman Sachs' and JPMorgan's mortgage divisions.  To the average investor who has watched the mortgage market ignite a credit storm, the land of mortgages is a scary place that has the ability to create carnage.  The toxic brew of subprime loans, overly leveraged derivatives and naïve […]

What it Means to Buck the Trend


When a stock investment performs better than its sector or the overall market it is known to be bucking the trend.

Covance (CVD) Stock Example, Support and Resistance


The following stock chart of Covance (CVD) offers a great example of simple support and resistance. Support and Resistance is a basic form of technical analysis used commonly every day to mark potential buy and sell points on a chart.