New Book, Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes

Financial guru and blogger Brian Shannon just recently released his brand new book, Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes and sent me over me a copy to review. Considering is all about stock education, tips, tricks, and strategy the book is a great fit as ties in technical analysis, strategy, and education all into one […]

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ENER Stock Example, Support and Resistance


The recent price action of Energy Conversion Devices (ENER) offers a great example of simple support and resistance. Support and Resistance is a basic form of technical analysis that can be used in a variety of different circumstances to provide investors an easy way to predict stock movement. We can refer to the six month […]

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Apple Stock Struggles With $180 Resistance


Apple (AAPL) stock is in position to possibly make a big move back towards $200 a share and new highs, the problem right now comes with some stubborn resistance at $180. If Apple can break through this newly found barrier then the next key price level for the stock will be the $190 mark which […]

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Weekly Market Commentary – August 19th, 2008

                Last week I commented that the current rally had run its course and the time had arrived to eliminate index exposure and focus on specific stock ideas.  Beginning August 8th, I sold exposures to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow), large cap growth, small cap and mid cap indices at prices that range between […]

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Weekly Market Commentary – August 13th, 2008

                By nature, investment capital seeks return.   Our goal is to accumulate wealth through investment decisions.  There are two ways to do so.  The first would be to make massive gains in a quick manner.  However, with this search for quick gains, the risk of loss naturally increases.  Since losses are emotionally difficult to handle […]

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