Scottrade Online Stock Broker Speed Review


Scottrade is one of the largest online stock brokers in the world, housing millions of clients and thousands of employees. They have 358 local branch offices throughout the United States which allow customers to come in and get live help and guidance from Scottrade representatives.

Weekly Market Commentary - July 7th, 2008

"Even though [most investors] are going to be net buyers of stocks for many years to come, they are elated when stock prices rise and depressed when they fall. Only those who will be sellers of equities in the near future should be happy at seeing stocks rise. Prospective purchasers should much prefer sinking prices." […]

26 Stocks That Have Gone to the Slaughter House


I am not talking about stocks that have just "sold off lightly" or are "experiencing a pull back". No, I am talking about stocks that have gotten hammered in the last month and are down atleast 40% from their 50 day moving averages. The correct phrase would be, "look out below!" All of the following […]

TD Ameritrade Online Stock Broker Speed Review

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is #1 in the Barron's 2007 review of stock brokers. They are most widely known for fueling the independent spirit by providing straightforward affordable pricing, flexible support, and outstanding service.

Hot Areas in the Stock Forum


Not many readers know but we do actually have a stock forum which currently houses over 14,000 posts from over 5,000 different members. Free Registration takes less then 30 seconds to complete and after you are done you can participate in any of the 4,500+ currently ongoing discussions. Some of the hot areas include: - […]