4 Big Reasons Why Coal Stocks Have Climaxed

In mid June I posted that Coal stocks were up over 100% on average since April with returns as high as 165%. It wasn’t but a few weeks later that these same stocks threw up major warning flags.

As a free subscriber (“email me updates!”) to the stocktradingtogo blog one of the great advantages is staying up to date on all major trends. What I have below are four stock charts that show why the coal stock trend has peaked for a potentially very long time.

1. Alpha Natural Resources (ANR)

Since peaking at $108.73 on June 30th ANR has dropped as low as $80.42 (-26%).

2. James River Coal Company (JRCC)

Since peaking at $62.83 on June 19th JRCC has dropped as low as $40.16 (-36%).

3. Massey Energy (MEE)

Since peaking at $95.70 on June 30th MEE has dropped as low as $72.21 (-24.5%).

4. Fording Canadian Coal Trust (FDG)

Since peaking at $96 on June 30th FDG has dropped as low as $73.92 (-23%).

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  1. Matt says

    I remember when you posted on Coal stocks in June, lucky for me I am already subscribed to the blog :cool: .

  2. kanerd says

    I can’t imagine actually being a part of that run, my portfolio would have been on steroids. :grin: