6 Great Investment Articles For Trading in a Tough Market

The S&P 500 finished the month of June down a staggering 8%+ and Wall Street media feels the truth is now unavoidable…. We are officially in a bear market.

Education can save your life in dire times like these, and over the past year I have written 100s of articles that have a strong focus on investor education. On stocktradingtogo.com you can read up on the basics like Analyzing the Overall Market for Dummies to advanced topics like How to Setup a Profit vs Loss Ratio.

Here are 6 fantastic articles that can help you navigate this struggling market:

- 37 Tips, Facts, and Rules For Trading Stocks in a Bear Market

- Using Stop Loss Orders, The Basics

- 8 Ways to Fight Stress from the Stock Market

13 Questions That Will Boost Your Investment Portfolio

- How to Sell a Stock You Love

- Making the Most of Market Crashes

All of these articles are written to be read by any investor and can really make a huge difference in your portfolio if you let the facts soak in. So grab a cold drink and enjoy.

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  1. says

    Great articles Blain, they will all definitely be a major help with the current state of the marketplace. The 37 tips and articles proved to be very helpful for my strategies!

  2. kanerd says

    Simple and to the point, I like this one. Good use of pulling out old posts. I find in times like this letting go of stocks I’ve held for a long time can be very tough. Do you practive what you preach?

  3. says

    I believe it is due to his outstanding risk exposure for each position is then kept to a minimum. I could be wrong though.

  4. says

    Just because of how I run the current model. Out of my biggest winners recently none have fallen more then 2% from my original purchase price before running up.

  5. Matt says

    Nice post Blain, I greatly enjoyed the thirteen questions, that will help my portfolio immensely. :grin: