Alternative Energy Stocks Turning Big Profits

Where were you on April 8th when I posted, Alternative Energy Stocks Back in Focus. For those who haven’t been watching this trend develop, the opportunities to maximize your money have been simply huge.

Updating the featured stocks from that post:

  • FSLR $272.75, now $295.90 (+8.5%)
  • MEE $48.01, now $63.65 (+32.58%)
  • LDK $31.91, now $40 (+25.35%)
  • CSIQ $23.93, now $43.08 (+80.03%)

Another stock from this group to add to your list is SOLF. The stock is up 60.38% since April 8th, 2008. Now that’s a trend :twisted:.

Looking ahead for those who want to play this trend FSLR is technically your best buy playing off $290 support. Keep those stops tight though, with this market you never know what to expect next.

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  1. Bryan says

    Yeah I’m still kinda kickin’ myself for not re-buying LDK at $20. I played it so well before (bought at $35 sold at $66) but just missed the boat on this one. Their polysilicon plant coming online in 2009 should be a boon to their production, if they cool off again I may pick them back up.

    Solar’s had a great run lately… it’s so volatile tho it’s hard to be long-term focused on it right now.

  2. PaulHunt says

    Don’t worry about it Bryan, I know how tricky these stocks are. There are many factors to consider and meticulously mull over to find the right companies to give your money to, its never an easy decision. There are a handful of websites I like to go to daily and see just what they’re buzzing about and I found this article called Energy Q&A Part IV: Investing In Energy Stocks And More…, which really helped break down what I should be looking for and doing. Especially right now, when energy stocks seem to be at the ground floor in an elevator that is on it’s way to the top floor. I just think if anybody found this article informative or interesting, like I did, then you would probably be interested in this one. OK, hope this helps you guys as much as it did me. Good Luck!