Carnival of Personal Finance #146 - Online Broker Tips Edition

Welcome to the 146th Carnival of Personal Finance, Online Broker Tips Edition. Being an investment blog I figured my theme should focus around trading in the stock market. Thus, this week I decided to provide 12 tips for helping you choose an online stock broker. Editor's Choice 1. Find Out Any Account Minimums. Every broker […]

April Giveaway, Free Top Selling Books For Education

The Falkin Investing Organization, a 501c (3) nonprofit dedicated to free financial education worldwide gives out free financial books every month to randomly selected participants. As of today we are now accepting April requests. To receive a book, you simply need to write a personal letter (no emails) to the Organization, and choose the book […]

Blain's Nightly Stock Picks, March 27 2008

As I stated in my morning stock report that a fall for the NASDAQ under 2300 should lead to a rough day overall, and that is just what we got. Both major indices fell on increasing volume today suggesting the market may need more work. The NASDAQ tumbled 1.87%, and the S&P 500 lost 1.15%. […]

Morning Stock Report, March 27 2008

Economic news has the market split on the future outlook this morning as the indices are almost unchanged. Unchanged that is less the NASDAQ which is still feeling the results from the Oracle earnings last night. The big economic news today is that GDP growth was only .6% compared 4.9% in the last quarter. Basically, […]

Blain's Nightly Stock Picks, March 26 2008

The market today started sour after a negative durable goods report, and the rest of the session was really uneventful... ...until Oracle tanked 10% on earnings at the closing bell. This brought down the rest of the NASDAQ in post-hours trading which now looks to start the day tomorrow on a gloomy note. On the […]