New Posting Schedule, Stock Trading To Go

Starting this week the blog will run a more pre-set posting schedule to benefit you the readers.

Here is the week in glance from STTG (Stock Trading To Go):

  • Monday – Nightly Stock Picks
  • Tuesday – Weekly Market Commentary (w/ pro trader Sean Hannon)
  • Wednesday – Nightly Stock Picks
  • Thursday – Nightly Stock Picks
  • Friday – Random
  • Saturday – No Posting
  • Sunday – Sunday Night Market Insight

Other Updates: As some of you may know I will be starting my new blog with B5Media which will cover strictly stock news. The official launch has gotten delayed because of server issues, but I will announce the blog launch as soon as it happens.

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  1. says

    Good stuff bro!!! You should do something in their on Saturday that does a FED RECAP / EXPECTATIONS since there is so much going on in that area…hell it would be sweet to cover currencies as well…

    too bad I’m no FOREX expert…lol

  2. newmembersforutoo says

    I just wanted to say Hi because this is the first time I am ever posting on a forum. I do not know if this is allowed or not to post here, but I hope I won’t be banned from me. So be happy for me that I finally achieved posting on a forum after many years of neglect!