TD Ameritrade Website Crash, Servers Down

This is just ridiculous, I can’t even trade right now in my TD Ameritrade account because client access has been cut off. This is huge TD Ameritrade website failure that needs to be fixed, ASAP.

The problem seemed to begin for TD Ameritrade servers around 10:00 AM and has continued now to the point at 10:51 AM EST not even my account homepage will load, TD Ameritrade servers have crashed.

Here are some screenshots of the TD Ameritrade website failure and outage,

tda1.jpgTD Ameritrade Website Crash 1

First Picture is of my account trying to get into my trade status to see if my trade went through. This page was sitting stagnant for 15 minutes before I tried to refresh, same thing though.

tda2.jpgTD Ameritrade Website Crash 2

The Second picture above is of me trying to open into the TD Ameritrade Account login page in a new window just to see if it was just a glitch, same problem.

tda3.jpgTD Ameritrade Website Crash 3

Lastly this third one was just taken at 10:50 AM EST, the TD Ameritrade website is down and this website crash has yet to be resolved.

I have been a TD Ameritrade user for some six years now and I have never seen this type of server crash before. I got it quite often with Scottrade servers being slow but this is just ridiculous. I hope TD Ameritrade realized its Six million plus clients can’t trade right now on one of the biggest market days since 2002.

This TD Ameritrade Website Crash is sickening to see, horrible preparation on their part. I want some answers.

2008, 11:21 AM Update : TD Ameritrade Client Login failures are still occurring. Site still down for clients.

2008, 11:59 AM Update: Site back up and running, clients can now login and trade.

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  1. Duble_E says

    The wireless website is up and I can view/trade on td on my blackberry. I’m not sure if it would be accessible through a pc browser though.

  2. Paula Murphy says

    I am wireless and I still can’t get onto the TD Ameritrade website. I called and they said “technical difficulties” and will charge web rates for phone trades. Great. I can’t see anything. Are other brokers up and running? Why isn’t Bloomberg or CNBC reporting on this?

  3. mikef says

    I’ve been trying to get in since the open. In such a big down day, i wantedt to buy and now i am losing out.

    Maybe it is time to move to Etrade. If I can’t get in on the days I need to, what is the point?

  4. jason says

    I am seeing the same website issues and have been on hold on the phone for over 40 mins now. I have also been calling every single local ameritade location number i can find on google on the other phone without any luck. I have already lost out on some great buying and selling opportunities as they pass right under my nose. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! I am also an ETrade customer and have never seen this happen before.

  5. parasp says

    I think this is second time it has happened to me. I think the subscribers should unite together to file a law suit against TD Ameritrade for the lost opportunity. I had certain trades that i could not change. and i am wondering what is happening to it.

    Even the phone wait time is 20 minutes. If these guys cannot support the number of subscribers at its peak, then why they open so many accounts. All of us should write to SEC, CNBC and others to make this matter serious.

    Here are some other suggestions… Try using strategydesk. I was able to get it using that just now.

  6. shiva says

    the login form is back! but te stupid thing doesnt let me fully log in!! maybe we are pretty close to having it back!!

  7. dp says

    But hey… you can still open an account online……..

    This totally sucks being frozen out.

    When I got through on th ephone line — the rep offered me 5 free trades. 5 trades? big freaking deal….

  8. adam says

    Was able to get in from my mobile device using the wireless site. At least there was some way open for me to get in and get a few trades placed as well as cancel a few others. Phew!!

  9. Gg says

    The cost of infrastructure would be fractions of the revenue the site generates. I would imagine they would have all systems tested especially for a day like this.. I am amazed at this negligence and this downtime.
    Sorry for folks who are facing a loss.

  10. jason says

    yup i had success getting into the website on a regular browser but I still lost over an hour of trading on a volatile day like this and will have to take some losses thanks to ameritrade

  11. Robert says

    head and shoulder in the intraday chart now, i wish i would access my account and trade accordingly

  12. adam says

    Able to log into the reqular site now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont everyone sign on all at once otherwise we’ll be down for another two hours… ;-)

  13. Lars says


    TD-Ameritrade is killing me!! :twisted:

    I’ve already lost 8% potential gain this morning waiting to get access to my account!!

    Why do I trust these doofuses with holding my money?!

  14. says

    I know it’s only an hour or so, but I’d be mightly ticked off if I was am Ameritrade customer and was unable to execute some desired trades. This sort of failure could cost customers hundreds, thousands, or more…. not acceptable. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some customer jump ship ( especially the short term and/ or day trader type. )

  15. TG says

    The regular website is back up and running for me. I called 800-669-3900, and was on hold for about 10 minutes. I asked for and received 10 free trades. Should have asked for more.

  16. Jarrod says

    The site is still not entirely working properly. Most of my quotes dont work and everthing is still and a mindnumbing slow speed

  17. bella says

    I couldn’t log into Ameritade earlier either. And that s**ked big time as I could have make a lot money this AM. But I am writing here to see if anyone else who has TD experiences thier computer browser freezing up when logged into Command Center. It freezes EVERYTIME I have a chart open and the trades are moving quickly. I have a MAcbook Pro and the quickest internet access available. Is anyone else experiencing this type of “freezing” This means I have to force quit my computer and open up Safari again. I have the same problem with Mozilla. Am I alone in this problem or not. Thanks for taking the time to let me know

  18. says

    Time for you folks to switch to thinkorswim and use me as your referral :twisted: But seriously, thinkorswim hasn’t had any problems as of late and they upgraded their hardware for the new year. And they’re friendly to boot!

  19. says

    Ameritrade has always been good for me, but I wasn’t around to try to trade earlier this morning. I definitely would have been frustrated to have the server issues on a day like today too. Bandwidth issues I wonder or what?

  20. says

    This is why you need multiple brokers. I have had at least two brokers since 2002 due to BS like this. No panic on my part so I suggest you all do the same. Never use one broker. People, as suggested, you could have picked up the phone to make trades instead of the computer.

  21. says

    This should be a lessont o all to always have a backup plan! People crying to call CNBC??? Call your broker or log on to another account.

    Learn from this big time. Always plan ahead for the worst. I only say this now because it happened to me in the past and I was prepared for what happened yesterday. Please do the same and have a backup plan for everything – ti’s YOUR MONEY on the line, not theirs.

  22. says

    agreed, but still part of the reason I went with Ameritrade is because of their amazing service. I shouldn’t have to have a backup when the company representing me has hundreds of millions to spend on their servers :evil:. After years of being with them this is the first bad beat of come across, let’s hope they prepare for next time.

  23. says

    Blain wow what a time for TD to go down, with all the action in the market yesterday. Glad to see it’s back up now and trading can resume.

    I may have said this already, but this is such an impressive blog here, and more people need to know about you (although a lot already do). The information here is just too good, it’s only fair to let more people in on it!! ;-) Your tenacity and perseverence is awesome, never stop!!

  24. says

    I would still advise that you open a second account. Bottom line, its technology and only as good as the humans running it and we all know humans make mistakes (over and over and over).

  25. Patrick says

    Their website continues to fail its customers. Over the last 5 days, I’ve initiated many transactions, followed them all day (i.e. listed as pending), but then the next day, poof, no record of them ever having occurred. And no notification from TD Ameritrade that there were any problems. As well, their customer service reps are completely useless and obnoxious. I agree with everyone else, it is time to move to E*Trade.

  26. greg says

    Well is down AGAIN 9/17/08, people are unable to trade on one of the most profitable days of the year. Many people predicted this coming as it has happened before, calls to Ameritrade are going unanswered as their central call centers are overwhelmed.

  27. matt says

    I was unable to sell my options during the market surge and the ameritrade crash which happend at the same time, and before the servers were back up my options value dropped to nothing based upon the decrease in stock value. So my complaint isnt that i couldnt take advantage of this opprotunity of the biggest rally in however long, its that i held onto my options all damn month and ameritrade screwed me on my last day to sell them thus costing me over 2500. May not seem like much to some, but it was my entire bank roll, all rolled into some options, and guess what i made a good bet in them. HOWEVER who could forsee ameritrade would throw us a big F U.

  28. Richard says

    I lost thousands today, not only was their site down but there phone system was overwhelmed and would not accept any new calls. I am outraged and wanted to know if any lawyers out there would be willing to take this case as a class action law suit against them. Company’s like Ameritrade make this whole economy debacle even worse by screwing us and causing people to loose thousands of dollars for their stupid mistakes!!

  29. Fund Manager says

    Its happenning again, Tues 10/14/08 a.m. from at least 9:45-10:15 EST. Locked out of quotes and trades. But I can access anything irrelevant that I want.

    Looks like they’ve just mirrored up last night’s image while the site itself has gone to hell again….

  30. tdgayboy says

    Feb 17 2009 TD login home page don’t even display https.
    What the heck is up with TD tech bs?
    Is Ameritrade loaded with gay boys or real technicians? Get it right you idiots.

  31. Tim says

    Their server has been really slow for 3 days since May 5, 2009 and I have lost $2000 daytrading due to slow execution (takes about 5 minutes execute a trade). It’s time to say goodbye.

  32. Jim says

    Is this the governments idea of a CIRCUIT BREAKER? Still can’t get logged on to account…P.O.S. website.