Solid Reads on the Stock Market

Real quick here as I prepare for tomorrow, came across a few great reads on the stock market definitely worth your attention.

From the economy to today’s market recap to calling the market top, and a few others for fun and enjoyment…. Please indulge in the following would ya?

  1. writes an outstanding article explaining the economy today. Are we really in that bad of shape? Could 2008 see growth and prosperity? What about the next Fed meeting, what should you expect? A great read for all investors.
  2. Good friend Chris Perruna wrote a detailed piece on calling the market top. Chris is a great trader and if you haven’t read his material before better start now because its a treat. Well detailed article explaining how the market top came about in October and what were the signs.
  3. Trader Mike contributes his good old fashioned daily market recap using technical analysis. The August lows support seems to be holding as of the close today, but for how long? The x factor about the last few weeks and close today, technically speaking we are yet to be truly oversold.

Other interesting reads include TraderBubs making a base hit and turning a profit of $389 today day trading, Intel down 27% in 11 days? Ouch. Not sure where Howard Lindzon is going with this one, but it’s the credit crunch, stupid! Howard you are too funny man, “I am trading because I get paid to try sometimes.” And closing with a highly in depth read, Alpha and Beta – Investing or Gambling? This guy might not write a lot, but when he does you should read.

Today I went 2 for 2 day trading FSLR both on the long and short side for quick profits, and tomorrow I hope to do the same with BIDU. Let’s just pray we gap at the open.

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