Folks, JCP is noteworthy of your attention…. Today, I scalped (intraday trades) it 33 times in ranges of 12 to 25 cents.  The stock made an intraday 52 week low of 43.40.  For those looking to establish a “buy and hold” postions in retail, JCP jhas been beaten from 68.00/share.  I recommend buy the underlying […]

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Site Updates, Forum Integration Complete

You will now be able to find the stock forum here on the site. The forum is successfully running on the new servers and has been updated for the latest coding modifications. Please leave a comment though if you find any errors or glitches. As of today there are 4,754 members and 10,660 total posts. […]

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E-Trade Woes Help Schwab Stock Hit Multi-Year Highs


E-Trade’s (ETFC) subprime problems have caused the stock to lose over half its market cap this week. The stock dropped nearly 60% on Monday and as of today the company is only worth a measly $2.36 Billion. As a result E-Trade’s competitors have received a share price boost, with Charles Schwab (SCHW) stock hitting new […]

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Searching for Direction

Navigating this market has been like to try to tap dance through a mine field. Day by day, you either make a wrong step and explode or luckily come to a comfortable resting place. With Tuesday’s strong rally leading into Wednesday’s positive open, the bulls felt they had exited the mine field and could resume […]

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Ugly Close to a Rocky Day

Today’s close was a disaster. Going into the day, we outlined a trading strategy to buy strength, sell into key resistance levels and then wait for the market to determine where we go from here. Following this strategy worked wonders as you could have realized quick profits in the first hour of trading and then […]

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Yahoo Offers Strong Value at $25

Direct your focus to Yahoo (YHOO). The shares are down from a recent high of 32 after the tech sell-off last week. At $25.30, writing the Dec strike 25 calls are a great hedge against the underlying shares to safeguard further downside. You pocket literally an intrinsic value of 1.60/share on the hedge. Thereafter, the […]

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Scottrade Releases SmartText Analyzer


Scottrade recently released its newest tool that allows for quick and easy to understand analysis called SmartText. SmartText is designed to allow for market analysis on not only individual stock charts, but also sectors & industries, and also provides analysis of company earnings reports.

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Fed Extends Economic Forecasts to Four Times a Year

Today the Federal Reserve announced they will begin releasing economic projections four times a year from the current twice a year. On top of that the projections themselves will be for the upcoming three years instead of two. This is a strong move by Bernanke as since he stepped into the head role in February […]

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