Stock Trading To Go Weekly Highlights – October 28 2007

A very active week for the site as the addition of daily stock chart analysis was made mid week. Now traders of all experience levels can take advantage of what the site truly has to offer, or can they?

I have one more integration left to make with the site, and it is a big one. Over 10,000 pages are set to be moved to the site by as early as this week which should stir things up a bit more.

Also this week I will feature one perhaps two new writers taking their trial runs for the Stock Trading To Go blog team. Whether or not they get a paid job relies on your feedback, so it should be exciting :twisted:.

Top Posts From This Past Week:

note: posts ranked based on number of comments received per post.

  1. Market Rebound Continues, Techs Lead the Way (14)
  2. 8 Ways to Fight Stress from the Stock Market (11)
  3. Stock Trading To Go To Add Daily Stock Chart Analysis (8) (merge was successful)

Site Statistics from the past week: Total blog posts (18), total comments (79), total page impressions (7,800), total visitors (3,150).

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