6 Easy Ways To Increase Site Exposure

After the success of 5 Blogging Tips to Maximize Page Impressions Per Visit, Saturdays are now dedicated to blogging tips. This week we are talking site exposure and how you can really get your blog “out there”.

All of these ideas have been tested and work more often then not. The goal of site exposure is to get new readers related to your core content into your blog to either bookmark your site, subscribe to your feed, or both. The following are 6 Easy Ways to Increase Site Exposure:

  • Participate in blog carnivals. Carnivals are a great way to get free link backs and bring in new readers related to your site content. You can find a variety of blog carnivals over at blogcarnival.com, and to participate all you need to do is submit one post per week. The more carnivals in your niche, the more free exposure you will have for your best content.
  • Comment on other blogs in your niche. The more thought and effort you put into participating in someone’s community, the more closely that blogger will scope you out. Commenting is a fantastic way to get to know other bloggers and if you make it on the top commentator list (if the blog has one), then you open yourself up for free mentions and traffic related to your niche. Last month Financial Blogger was the top commentator; he won a free site review and has had his blog mentioned just about every week since the beginning of August. It works.
  • Link yourself up in forums. There are tons of forums out there, and atleast a good handful should be directly related to your niche. Write a good well written post in one of these forums and link everyone up to a post related to the conversation. I use this strategy especially for sister blog StockChartsToGo.com, taking a few minutes everyday to post in forums yielded several hundred new readers to the blog last week alone.
  • Join a blog network. Blog networks are easy to join and if you find a good one it can yield some decent exposure for your blog. Make sure the network is related to your blog and alongside the traffic you can get to know other bloggers. It is an all around happy family.
  • Email bloggers in your niche your best content. These is a hit and miss kind of game, and as long as you don’t spam, this is ok to do. I will email out a few of my favorite posts to a handful of different bloggers perhaps once a month. Keep your email simple and to the point, and especially if you have been commenting on their blog you have a good chance at getting them over to atleast check you out. If you are real lucky they will give you a mention and subscribe to your feed, so go for it.
  • Post Link Love. A simple post with 5 to 10 links to other bloggers posts is a good way to promote the, “give and you shall receive” methodology. It let’s other bloggers know you think they rock, and more than likely next time they view their stats they will see your link and check you out.

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