5 Places to Find Free Stock Charts

Stock charting services come a dime a dozen, but finding one that is worth using day in day out can be a difficult task. This post highlights some of the more well known free stock charting services.

  • Stockcharts.com – I personally use stockcharts.com exclusively for sister blog, stockchartstogo.com and thoroughly enjoy their setup. They have paid accounts available as well, but I use the free and find that is more than enough. Customizing stock charts to fit a wide variety of technical indicators is no problem at all.
  • Bigcharts.com – This service comes from well known stock market new site,  marketwatch.com. The site is easy to use and the charts are laid out nicely, but it doesn’t have the capabilities that stockcharts.com has. The charts are very simplistic unless you are using the interactive charts. These give you deeper access into apply technical indicators to the chart, but still aren’t nearly as customizable.
  • Your Online Broker – Depending on your broker this really isn’t a bad way to go because most brokers alongside the charting software will tie in news and fundamental data. I personally use TD Ameritrade as my top stock broker, and they have a decent layout. The best part about taking advantage of the free charting tools through your online broker is that you have easy access to placing trades directly from the screen.
  • Google and Yahoo Finance – Both Google and Yahoo finance have made big improvements to their charting software, especially yahoo. If you recall yahoo finance back in 2006 you would remember charts that were nothing impressive. Both sites have simplistic setups but the charts are pretty interactive, and if you look at Yahoo’s you do have access to a decent amount of technical indicators. Between the two I like Yahoo better, especially because you are just a few clicks away from handfuls of data and news.

What is your favorite place to find free stock charts?

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