Another Cool Trading Station Setup, 7 Monitor Setup

October 2012 Update: Read my full review on my brand iBUYPOWER trading computer that was custom built specifically for traders.

This isn’t as wild as the 24 monitor trading station I posted earlier today, but it is still pretty cool nonetheless. What I like about this setup is the use of the two monitors angled almost flat in front, imagine if those were touch screen and you were placing trades that way, it’d be basically just like video game, all you need is a headset.

7 Monitor Trading Station

Now the only downfall to this setup is that it looks like he is running two separate computers as you can see by the two glowing key boards and what looks to be dual mouse pads.

Other cool trading stations:

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  1. says

    It is very similar to what some traders for the bank have. They take order with one computer and do their stuff with the second one. All the other panels are for graphics and stock quote. This is just amazing. A room like this would definitely fit nice in my basement :cool:

  2. says

    This is a lot more manageable than that other setup… I think the other setup was 50% for bragging rights and 50% for setting certain stocks on a price target and waiting for the screen to blink a different color to alert the user to the stock price…

    I could be wrong. But I like this setup better.

  3. says

    It would be fairly pricey, The biggest I’ve had in the past under one computer was three monitors, I know how to build a quad monitor setup fairly easy. It gets tricky after that, but a quad setup brand new (without monitors) would run around $2k maybe. You get burned in buying all the monitors, :cool: hmm.. this would make for a good post next week, thanks FB.

  4. Mikel says

    I manage the IT for a financial company and we recently tried both methods. (One box, with 4 monitors versus 2 boxes with 4 monitors, 2 on each). What the traders noticed was that under the one box system it was too slow during critical phases of the day (and these were high end fast machines!). So we went back to the 2 computer solution. Basically one pc is dedicated to bloomberg and other data feeds, the other is for actual trading orders. He mixes general apps across both pc’s. such as email, word and the like.

    It’s far easier to scale out than it is to scale up in this game.

    Video cards in the quad range are still nearly $1000 but duals can be had for less than $100. LCD screen are also dropping like crazy so assuming that you went with an ibm workstation for $1000, add the video cards and monitors you’re talking about 3 grand for a decent 2 box system that is rock solid.

  5. says

    It almost looks to me like there’s a laptop sitting there on the right (the second keyboard). Either way, this setup seems much more manageable to me.

  6. Ben says

    Im running Quads at my house, 2 19″ Wides with 2 17″ Wides on the ends, I have the ability to get 12 monitors off of one computer, for about 1500$ not including monitors. my Setup, for gaming cost 1000$

  7. Stephanie White says

    You could run a setup from a notebook instead. I personally prefer the portability. Check out the Zensation Go. It is an all in one setup. Digital Tigers has em.

  8. Kevin says

    I ran a very cost-effective dual quad workstation from my home in Fairfax, VA. With two simple ‘less than $100 each’ matrox quad cards bought on EBay, I was able to ‘do the job.’

    I placed a card in each ‘tower,’ and hooked up four monitors to each tower. I also bought and used ‘discounted 22 inch monitors’ from a local wholesaler/refurbisher. The whole setup cost me less than $1000 (and that was with ‘a faster’ $450 tower included). With this system, I could have my Ameritrade Apex platform, my Scottrade platform, and my wife’s Ameritrade platform openned all at once, along with data and charts from my propriety market data vendor…

    with plenty of screen space to accomodate.

    Occasionally I also supplemented this Dual Quad ‘Monitoring Station’ with a fast laptop, loaded and prepared with preset orders, for my order system. I wish I had thought then of using ‘a couple of touchscreens’ up front linked to the laptop for orders. Touchscreens there is simply a great idea…

    Typing can cost money, especially in fast moving markets… no matter how ‘pre-set and ready’ your ‘order execution system’ is… touchscreens are a great alternative to ‘reaching for a keyboard.’

  9. dRyWaTeR says

    Clearly you’re not really looking to put a setup like this in to practical application and appear to be more of a dreamer than anything, this is obvious dew to your lack of technical knowledge when analyzing the particular setup. There are no floors in this design as this was never intended to be a trading platform. This office has since been updated but at the time of this photo there are nine individual systems incorporated in this setup. The dual keyboard issue you pointed out, leading you to believe there is more than one system in use (which is in fact correct, there are nine) is in not an issue at all with the use of WiLMA incorporated in the system. Anyone who actually possessed the technical information required to discuss the pros and cons of this setup in a particular field would know this.

  10. dRyWaTeR says

    I apologize for my earlier rant, sometimes I forget that people just don’t and cant be expected to know everything. To put what I said before a more polite fashion, having more than one computer system is not necessarily a bad thing. The use of a window management application can actually make using multiple individual computer systems very effective, this means that even though computer A is connected to monitor A and computer B is connected to monitor B they can be used as one. You could open an application on computer A then drag the window across to monitor B. This is actually a very effective setup for traders (particularly those dealing in scalping) because if one computer fails there is a secondary system booted and ready to go. What I hope people take away from this, is that having multiple computers in a setup is not a bad thing and with the proper applications and design, this type of setup can be very effective.

  11. says

    You are very correct that this user could be using such a setup. I guess everyone has their own preference though. For me personally I moved away from running multiple computers at once and simply built a more powerful machine to handle everything. For me though being a hobby investor if my multi-monitor setup fails then I simply boot up my laptop or pull out my backup computer in the basement. This 5 minute delay is hardly an issue unlike the example you gave for scalpers.

    One other very common setup too is the laptop alongside PC. Run your data on the PC with the multi monitors then place orders on the laptop.