Affording the Most Expensive Stock in the World

Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, trades its class A shares under stock symbol BRKA. The stock is the most expensive costing as of the market close yesterday a staggering $120,700. And yes, that is per share.

The stock just yesterday hit a new all time high with the company now boasting a market capitilization of some $185 Billion. Some ways to afford a share or two of this prized company run by the greatest investor of all time:

  1. Sell your vacation home.
  2. Sell your real home, buy a trailer.
  3. Remortgage your house, sell all your vehicles, and pool the money.
  4. Cash out of your 401k early.
  5. Go out on some crazy margin.
  6. Become Warren Buffet’s best friend.
  7. Become Bill Gates best friend.
  8. Become a drug dealer.
  9. Take up prostitution, start saving now.

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