Quality Links – July 30 2007

Some articles worth a read or two, or even three times over:

  • John Chow discusses how the Progressive Income Tax is Backwards, and it really makes you think about how inefficient our tax system may actually be today. I like John’s opinion that a flat-tax rate could actually be better, but we all know that would never happen.
  • Steve Pavlina spends some time challenging the mind when it comes to the Abundance Mindset. A $10,000 hotel room may sound like a way too much money for a hotel room, but Steve’s argument is that you are just out of alignment with the mindset that you are capable of making $10k very easily.
  • Blueprint for Financial Prosperity answers some Common Questions on Roth IRAs and 401ks. Most are common sense, the best I thought was the first on where should you place more money, into your 401k or Roth? Max your company’s match program with your 401k, than max the Roth, than go back to the 401k. Though I am only 21 this makes pretty good sense to me.
  • Frugal Trader takes up a strong topic for his submissions to the 111th Carnival of Personal Finance discussing the 1% Stock Trading Rule. I like this simple rule especially for new traders who may not have a lot of money to invest with, which says that your commission should never make up more than 1% of your total investment. I couldn’t agree more.

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