Taking Profits by Selling Half Your Position

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Stock Chart Analysis, Google


Technical analysis of Google's Stock Chart at all time highs.

Afghan Children Killed for Learning to Read


There is a good chance I will be the only person in the United States Media reporting this story which I found in the BBC news. Two Afghan girls were shot and killed last week while walking home from school; they were only 10 and 13 years old. After being in school for the day, […]

How to Get Free Real Time Quotes

Unless you pay for real time quotes which costs around $20 a month (sites like yahoo finance sell package deals), the only other way is if you open an account with a broker which includes an initial deposit of $xxxx.

Holding InstantBull.com Top 100 Rankings


Instantbull.com launched a new feature on their site a few weeks ago (from when I found it atleast) that relays the top 100 blogs based on their rankings from: Alexa.com Technorati.com I received an email from their staff last week informing me that Stock Trading 101 ranks 3rd overall in the Alexa category, it seems […]