Holding InstantBull.com Top 100 Rankings


Instantbull.com launched a new feature on their site a few weeks ago (from when I found it atleast) that relays the top 100 blogs based on their rankings from: Alexa.com Technorati.com I received an email from their staff last week informing me that Stock Trading 101 ranks 3rd overall in the Alexa category, it seems […]

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ST101 Week in Review 7

This week was crazy as the falkininvesting.com domain crossed into the alexa top 100,000 for 3 month average traffic. We also ALMOST broke 500 Subscribers this week, and I think next week will be “the time”. On another note, I am launching a new blog next week which will be based around relaying the latest stock […]

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Initial Public Offerings Explained

Initial Public Offerings, also known as IPOs, occur when private companies raise capital by taking themselves “public” from “private”. They are typically very risky because you never know what will happen on that first day of trading. This article will explain the basics behind IPOs, how they work, and what they mean to you as […]

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ST101 Reader Makes First Trade Online

I was checking my email just now and approved a pingback on my post regarding the basics behind Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Well, it seems that the person I answered the question for, a blogging colleague of mine known as Clever Dude has successfully made his first ever trade online! The funny part is, he […]

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How to Track the Stock Market

When I taught lessons on the stock market, the first lesson boiled down answering the simple question, “What makes up the stock market? How do I track ‘the market’?” This is critical to taking the first steps into understanding the market as a whole, because if you don’t know what to look at, how do […]

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Renewable Energy and ETFs

Since today we are talking about Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), I figure this question I received from Mike from Clever Dude would be a good one to answer. Mike asks,“I’ve been wanting to invest in renewable energy. I don’t buy individual stocks, but I saw an ETF “ECO” that I’m interested in. First, how do I […]

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