Stock Chart Education Quiz Answers

On Tuesday I asked you the readers some questions based on the post I made regarding the basics of understanding stock charts from Monday.

You can find the original questions here, and I will re-display the original chart, then state the answers below it! Check and see how you did; has your knowledge base has been expanded?

The Answers
(view the original questions)

  1. GOOG
  2. 469
  3. daily
  4. down
  5. 472.81
  6. above
  7. 60; below
  8. down
  9. Neither. Volume above the daily average makes it a "heavy" volume day, and the most recent day was a down day, but volume was not higher than the previous day (which was an accumulation day), thus the most recent "heavy" volume day was neither accumulation or distribution

How did you do?

Did you get them all right? How bout half right? Either way, as long as you learned something new, that is all that matters. Refer back to our original post on stock chart basics to recap your knowledge.

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  1. Posted by Education on December 9, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    Nice post! Very complete and detail information. That?s what i need! Well done!


  1. [...] Friday I will post up the answers for you to utilize at your convenience! (UPDATE: You can find the answers to this quiz here.) [...]