Stock Chart Education, Test Your Knowledge

After going through the basics of interpreting and understanding stock charts earlier new investors can now take a stab at completing a quiz covering the material. These 10 questions will test the basics of technical analysis.

Friday we will post up the answers for you to utilize at your convenience! (UPDATE: View Quiz Answers)

So Stock Trading To Go Readers, below are the chart and questions to answer:

Stock Chart Google

  1. What is Google’s “ticker”?
  2. What price did Google close at today?
  3. Is this a weekly, monthly, or daily chart of Google?
  4. Was today an up or down day overall for Google?
  5. What was the intraday high today?
  6. Is Google trading above or below its 200 day moving average?
  7. The average daily volume line is based off of the last ___ days of trading.
  8. Today’s volume was ______ (below or above) the average?
  9. March 1st was an ____ day (up or down) overall?
  10. (Tough One!) The last “heavy” volume day was an accumulation or a distribution day?

If you need help, first read this post on stock chart basics or refer to the stock education archives.

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