Gaming BlogTopSites, Technorati is Better

I have been a BlogTopSites member for well over a year, and I have always enjoyed their service because I thought it was the best way to see how my blog stacked up against the rest. Well, the last few weeks after cross checking some other sites and testing some concepts I realized that BlogTopSites is not only very easy to game, but also is being gamed! This discovery has validated my decision to fully support technorati for tracking my rank, and nothing else.

BlogTopSites for those who do not know is a site that tracks how many unique visitors and page impressions you bring in on a daily and weekly period. All blogs are ranked based on total traffic, and ranked 1 – 100+. The tracking is done by a simple string of coding via image.

The problem with it is that you can very simply tweak then slap the code elsewhere and gain all the added benefits of the ranking system. I have tested this by putting blog coding in other websites I own and it worked like a charm. Even better, try placing the coding in your signature on forums! This is a fantastic way to bump your rank a few notches. I have seen sites (and I know because I’ve shared a few laughs with their owners) who literally report 10s of thousands of visits each week when they bring in perhaps a few hundred.

If you want to really see how well you stack up against the rest of the blogosphere you need to look at Technorati. Their ranking system works based off of total incoming links from other sites and how many blogs you have linking into you. Technorati is the Alexa of blog rankings, just that you do not need a toolbar to track visits. Technorati has been gamed in the past by people like John Chow, but this has only been corrected and accounted for. My thinking going forward is now simply this, if the big blogs don’t support it, don’t use it!

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