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Good Morning everyone! Did you know we hit a new all-time high of subscribers yesterday?! 236 people showed their love for Stock Trading 101, so thanks to everyone who is subscribed with their favorite reader or by email. Also, if you haven’t read my review of, make sure to check it out, it was a good one! With that said, here are some quality reads today:

Stock Trading and the Stock Market

  • Jim has some early morning comments (this guy is a machine, and that isn’t the first time I’ve said that!) Also note he now is handing out his RSS for subscribing, this is a MUST add to your reader!
  • Kevin covers the technical review of the markets surge yesterday
  • WallStrip goes to Starbucks today!! It is about time, because we all know Starbucks is fricken amazing… Caramel frappucinos anyone?
  • thinks Apple TV will bomb, what do you think?
  • Mike gives us his technical analysis on the market run yesterday, another great technical perspective from another great trader. Thanks Mike!
  • Golbguru (no meaning I found out, just “blog spelled backwards”) had a nice post on some important concepts in gold price. I am new to his Money, Matter, and More Musings blog and I’ve enjoyed it so far! Keep the good stuff coming man!
  • Chris posts a great read on Moving Average Trend Buys, basically covering a handful of stocks that are at moving averages (one of my favorite technical indicators)!


Alright, here is the highlight link of them all which happens to be a video today, this is hilarious footage of what is known as “Japanese Mission Impossible”, enjoy the video and have a great day!

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