Option Trading 101

Today I had the privilege of conducting a review of optiontradingpedia.com as they took advantage of my 60% off weekend sale. If you have been interested in options, or have been looking into trading options, or have just started trading options and still are learning the basics, you’ll find optiontradingpedia to be a great source of information.

Right when you open the homepage you can see that they are here to teach options, immediately on the left you’ll notice the “Starting Points” which jump you right into the basics:

Site Exploration

What I enjoyed most about the layout of the site is the simplicity of it. There are not 10 blinking boxes drawing your attention away from what you are reading, and their are no sidebars, just straight content. Adsense ads are used, but very moderately and blend in nicely each page. At the top of every page you’ll also see a search box in case you are looking for something specific.

You can tell just by reading through some of the content that these guys know what they are talking about. Each page is thorough and complete, and what I found nice is the use of some links within the explanations to definitions. For instance when reading What is a Call Option, I was also linked to definitions of exercise, leverage, and writer. Also at the bottom you’ll find “Continue your journey of discovery” with links to related pages; this is good content flow and makes for easy navigation.

Another concept to take note of was keeping related terms and concepts on the same page. For example, if you head over to What are Option Greeks, you’ll first find the question answered with 5 Greeks defined. As you scroll down the page youll see a further explanation of all of these Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, and Rho) and even formulas for calculating them! Good deal.

Site Areas


The site really is broken down into a few main pieces:

  1. Pages upon pages of explanations and keywords
  2. A simple page with Daily World Business and Finance News which are basically headlines pulled from Digg business and finance, and also Fundamental and Technical Analysis pulled from an RSS feed over at sharemarketcomments.blogspot.com (which is owned by Masters “O” Equity which also powers the optiontradingpedia site).
  3. An excellent glossary of definitions of terms you see and find throughout the site (there are over 100 of them).

Advanced Content

I only found a few pages like this that really in my opinion take readers out and beyond the basics, but for those who know what they are doing, you can read on Implied Volatility for example which covers the factors affecting it, how to profit from it, etc. From looking at this page I would guess there will be more pages like this to come in the future.

Features Coming Soon

If you look at their about us page, you’ll find a reference to their mascot, Mr OppiEtm which is the yellow circle you see throughout the site. It states their mascot “brings you to our blog where you can post questions and comments for free when you click on it.” but you cannot click on him yet, so keep an eye out for this down the road.

Also under construction is their community, which they don’t state exactly what it is. From the page, “What is this community about? Is it a forum? Is it a blog? Is it a guestbook? All wrong! Stay tuned to us!” Stay tuned we shall guys!

Concluding Notes

Overall I really enjoyed optiontradingpedia and its content. It is easy to navigate, easy to read, and contains a lot of professionally written content that I can definitely learn from. The only feature I’d personally enjoy is having the logo be a link back to the homepage! Every page has a link back, but I realized that I am just addicted to clicking logos to get home.

All in all, If you want to start learning about options or are confused on a definition or term, then head over to optiontradingpedia, and it is safe to say you will find your answer!

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