Call the Nasdaq Closing Price, Win a Shopping Spree!

After the success of the $20 giveaway last week, (Dan was our lucky winner), I’ve decided we have to keep the ball rolling! This time you need to guess the closing price for the Nasdaq Composite… two weeks in advance!

Here is the deal, you have all of today, tomorrow, and sunday (basically the whole weekend) to simply post up via a comment what price you think the Nasdaq Composite will close at on Friday, March 23rd. You are trying to guess the closing price, not the opening, of the index at 4:00 PM on the Friday, which is two weeks away (or 10 trading days). If you are closest to the actual price, you’ll win the prize pool and glory.

What’s at Stake?

The prize right now is another $20 gift certificate, BUT I have contacted a few bloggers about the contest, and if they opt to help chip into the prize pool and get their own community involved, well we may just have a pretty interesting party!

I am a Newbie, Should I Enter?

YES, please do! EVERYONE has a chance at winning this, and due to the recent market drop, who knows where we will end up in two weeks! This is a very simple setup designed for the whole community to get involved, besides, who doesn’t want to go on a shopping spree?

Bloggers, Get Your Community Involved!

If you are a blogger yourself, then get your readers over here to join in! Chip in a few bucks into the prize pool, and you’ll become one of the official sponsors (sounds pretty catchy doesn’t it). If you don’t want to chip in (I know exactly what its like to have a tight marketing budget), then just send your readers over, and I’ll hook you up with a linkback.


I will be putting everyone into an excel sheet, and updating the community every few days with updates. I want to make this as intense and electrifying (excellent word usage right there) as possible, so expect a lot of over excitement from me daily. Also, to keep updated, you can subscribe to the feed here at ST101 by email or with your favorite reader.

Closing Remarks

Remember, you have until this Sunday, March 11th 11:59 PM EST to get your guess in as a comment for the NASDAQ (you can find a chart here, and its most recent price here). Whatever you insert as your “name” when submitting the comment will be your name on the excel sheet, so if you want a nickname or something, then put that down with your comment (perhaps you want to be recognized as “Sandwichdude412″, that is for you to decide!). Lastly, you get ONE guess, and you can’t change it! So, if you want to wait until the market closes to get as “accurate” a prediction as possible, do that then. I will be posting the initial excelsheet on Monday, and building up hype until then. Any questions feel free to ask, good luck!

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