Highlights From This Week!

Well, I am getting ready to head out of town for the weekend, set to arrive home on Sunday. It was another wild week here at ST101, with the latest stock trading contest this week and the blog moving its way all the way to the semi finals of the bloggers tournament hosted outstanding blogger […]

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Stock Trading Contest 3rd Update!

WOW, this contest just gets better and better! Tonight we have a double trader spotlight with interviews of both Wendy Piersal and Frugal Trader, and you will NOT believe what they had to say (I don’t know about everyone else but the sandwich question is my favorite, makes me hungry every time)! But before we […]

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Stock News Today

Here are some random stock market headlines going around the web today! US Steel to Purchase Lone Star for $2.1 Billion Qwest, AT&T, Verizon Win Bid Rights on $20 Billion Fed Telco Contract Circuity City Laying off 3,400 Store Workers XBox 360 Elite: Microsoft’s Plans, Sony’s Response Economy Grows at 2.5 Percent Pace in 4Q […]

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Market Commentary for Thursday, March 29, 2007


Wednesday brought the sellers out to drop the market throughout the day. Chairman Bernanke did not have his bullish impact today! It was what he didn’t say that scared the market, he did not elude to cuts or increases. He is watching the growth and what he said to be slowing inflation. The tension out […]

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XM Satellite Radio Chart Analysis

Taking a break from the Stock Trading Contest, I found XM Satellite Radio (XMSR) who just recently announced to be merging with Sirius (SIRI) if the deal goes through to be in a interesting technical situation. If you look at a chart of the stock below you will see what I mean, but bottom line, […]

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Blog Tournament, Need Your Help!

I was entered into the 2007 Bloggers tournament as a complete underdog, with 32 total blogs including names such as techcrunch.com, my odds of success were slim… BUT, through the thick fog I have found support and pushed my way through 2 tough rounds of voting, and now I am in the elite 8, the […]

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Stock Trading Contest 2nd Update!

GOOOOOOOOOD Morning from everyone here at Stock Trading 101 (which is just me!). First off, instead of daily links today I have a great post on John McCain’s Myspace campaign which is good humor. I also have to be honest with you guys really quick, I need to release some news that pertains to you […]

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