Step #4 – Going Out on Your Own

You managed to learn how to swim, found out a couple tricks of the trade, and are now ready to hit the open waters as an “adult” fish. We all know though that the open water is a massive space, with many fish just like you, hot spots to be found, and bigger fish waiting to eat you up. So, before you swim out into the open water and potentially get eaten, make sure to take the time now to write a testimony about your experience thus far.You should be proud for making it so far so fast, and unlike the open water, FIO members and I will always be there to help you along. You should now feel comfortable about the basics of the stock market, and should be eager to tackle a new and bigger project. Some may think, “This is a joke, there is no way you can trade affectively with such little experience”, and they may be right. But, everyone has to start somewhere, and having a good solid base to build on is key. I personally utilize a KISS (keep it simple, stupid) philosophy for all my trades not much more complicated than this program. I still have people come to me confused on how I never have looked at sophisticated strategies, but still trade well (simulator and real life). You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. I like to remember that, “the race does not go to the strong or to the swift, but only to the one that endures until the end.”

Some Links you may want to bookmark

So where are you supposed to go every day? What are the best sites on the web? How do they serve their purpose? No questioning anymore, just bookmark these pages, and the sites will do the rest:

Charting Sites

Quote Sites

Information Sites

  • (Nothing like this site)
  • (you only need, End of Message)


Closing Notes

You never stop learning, and education will always continue on. I really wish you the best of fortunes with all of your upcoming ventures. Though you could have just read through all four steps in a matter of 20 minutes, remember the core concepts are that simple. Also, please feel free to ask me questions online and I would be happy to help you out with what I can.

To the future,
Blain Reinkensmeyer

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